Classic Makeup

Need the perfect look for a night out?

Get ready to step out for the night on a classic makeup look that will make you look and feel like a star! This service includes a range of products including eyeshadow, lip gloss, and mascara all customized to suit your look. Our classic makeup service is designed to allow you to create an upscale evening makeup look for any occasion.

What is Classic Makeup?

Classic makeup is a look and process, to achieve the desired look we use the traditional way of makeup application.
We focus on eyeliner, brows, lips and lashes because these are the main features of an overall good makeup application. These are also areas where women tend to have the most trouble. We love working with these areas because we can make them look natural and pretty at the same time.

What you should know before your appointment.

We customize the makeup process to you, so everyone’s experience is different from one person to the next. It’s important to know your skin type and what look you’re going for. Whether you are looking for a special look for a night out, or need something more creative to fit your personality, we can work with you to create a makeup look that is perfect for you.


The Process

Step 1: Consultation

This is where we decide the right product for you. Ask if you have any conditions and precautionary questions.

Step 3: Cleansing

It’s very important to start with a clean, moisturized face. We would clean any makeup residue, oils, and dead skin cells. 

Step 4: Foundation

We would apply our base first by applying liquid foundation.

Step 4: Highlight

Followed by blush to highlight the cheekbones and under eye concealer for highlighting any darkness or redness in the skin

Step 5: Eyeshadow

Next, we would cover the entire eyelid with a light brown eyeshadow that’s just barely darker than the natural skin tone, and then apply a darker brown eyeshadow to the crease of the eye.

Step 6: Mascara

Now it’s time for mascara! Mascara is applied to make eyelashes appear thicker, darker, longer and to draw more attention to the eyes.

Step 7: Blush

Our next step is to highlight with a light gold or pink blush on the cheeks, chin, and temples

Step 8: Contouring

We do this before applying contouring powder to sculpt your cheekbones.

Step 8: Finish-off

Finally, we would finish off with highlighting under the eyebrows, around your mouth and forehead.

Step 8: Show off

Time to show off your new look.  #Instagram  #nightout #wedding. Classic makeup is perfect for any occasion.

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